Running Rigging

Annapolis Rigging is capable of producing any rigging solution, not just halyards and jib sheets. Annapolis Rigging has designed several popular ropes in conjunction with New England Ropes.

Running Rigging

  • Halyards, standard and custom composites
  • Jib, Main, Spinnaker Sheets
  • Custom splicing, all cordage types

Cordage for Cruising Boats and Top Race boats in the World

largest selection of yacht rigging options out there, and we will guide you through them to help you decide the best setup for you.

We carry

  • Spectra or Dyneema
  • Vectran
  • Dynice DUX
  • Dacron or Polyester

Soft shackle specialists

How often running rigging should be replaced?

In general, running rigging should be replaced whenever it shows visible signs of damage - core damage through the cover, broken strands close together, damage from UV exposure, or stiff.

What type of cordage do I need for my application?

Cordage is defined in terms of the fibers used in its construction and the construction type (double braid, parallel core, single braid, 3-strand). When choosing line for your boat, it's important to consider strength, stretch, handling, and abrasion resistance. For instance, stretch is good in dock lines and rodes, but stretch is not good in halyards.

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