Rigging Inspections

Rig inspections are easiest to perform when the mast is pulled for maintenance or winterization. This ideal case is rare though, so most inspections must be done aloft. We consider annual spring inspections to be the gold standard. An inspection is also a vital part of planning for a long cruise or offshore race, especially if your rig hasn’t been evaluated in the past year. 

When inspecting a stepped rig we first ensure that everything on deck suggests that the mast is safe to climb. A rigger will then work from the top of your mast down, making notes as they go. Another rigger will be on deck managing the hoist line. 

Our rigging inspection process provides a visual evaluation of your boat’s:

  • Mast and boom
  • Standing rigging
  • Furling system
  • Running rigging
  • Hardware
  • Mast Lights and Mast Instruments
  • Lifelines
  • Winches

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